5 Church Blog Topic Ideas to Increase Traffic to Your Church Website

Is there any reason to come to your church website?

Is there any reason to come to your church website more than once?

To this day, most church websites are simple brochures that talk about the church, the leadership, and what they offer. They talk about “us.”

Few church websites talk about the visitor. Few even consider the visitor in the website content. We only talk about what we want them to know, and we never stop to consider what they want to know from us.

This is where your church blog can play a large role in both attracting website traffic, capturing their attention, and speaking into their lives. Think of your blog as the very first step in a lengthy relationship ladder. If done right, not only will more people from your community visit your website regularly, more people will hear your message, understand your church, and ultimately build a relationship with you.

So what do I write about?

Let’s talk about 5 ideas for blog topics you can write on your church blog.

Building a Digital Marketing Team for Churches

One of the most effective and productive things that you can do this year is to promote your church better. We are going to talk about moving into the New Year to start marketing your church by building a digital marketing team. This can be one person or a group of people who are aimed at utilizing useful methods in marketing your church effectively. And to be successful at this, they should be doing seven important things.

Effective Ways to Market Special Church Events

There are two things that you can do that are better than any other form of advertising when it comes to promoting your church events and special services. It will save you money and get you better results.

Advertising in newspapers doesn’t work that great anymore because you can’t measure its effectiveness or how many times people see it.

When was the last time that you saw an ad in a newspaper that caused you to take action?

It’s a waste of money and, to be honest, it’s getting kind of ridiculously expensive too. Other people advertise on radio, put billboards up, go door-to-door or try to hang up fliers all over town. If they want to do it, that’s fine, but it’s not nearly as efficient, money-wise or time-wise.

There’s two things that you can do to make your church event promotion incredibly effective. In this way, you can measure its effectiveness, and you can see exactly what you’re getting for the money that you pay. And the best part is one of them is free.

How To Start Relationship Building in All Of Your Outreach Programs

If you’re like most of us, all of your outreach efforts, programs, advertisements, and flyers have one purpose in mind: To get people to visit your church, event, or Bible study.

But consider that proposition from the place of the stranger you just handed the invite card to…

They don’t know you. They’ve never seen you before.

Every now and then, you get someone who is ready from that point to seek out the church. But it’s rare. Most people throw the flyer away, or lay it down never to look at it again.


Because they just aren’t ready to make such a commitment. But, we can help them to be ready!

Church Growth Ideas: How to Make Them Work in 2016

Normal people don’t ask strangers to marry them. Churches do.

As church leaders, we have a lot of responsibilities. The most important is church growth. I mean, if a church isn’t growing it can’t really say it’s about the Father’s business, can it? Jesus said to go and make disciples. In other words, we are given the charge to grow His church.

But that’s easier said than done. A good portion of churches across the United States are in decline – meaning, they are losing more people than they are gaining. And while we all love to hear about a new church that just explodes and somehow becomes a mega-church with thousands of members, the majority of leaders are scratching their heads about how to grow their church.

The truth is, we’re getting left behind.

The horseman is now a mechanic.

The writer is now a typist.

The coach driver is now a pilot.

Everything has changed – but the church clings to methods like they shouldn’t change. Sadly, that’s why a lot of churches are not growing – they are struggling to adapt their outreach strategies to a world that is changing faster and faster each year.



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